Welcome to Fitness Vision with Joan

We offer the Power Combo -
the Fitness Vision Studio
the Short Burst Workouts DVD
will deliver what you need to accomplish your fitness goals!
It's the fitness program you asked for with the quick results you didn't think were possible!

Here's your plan for success:

  • Workout continuity.
    We - you and I - will be on the same page every step of the way. From program tracking to tracking your results, this Power Combo is the latest in health care assurance.
  • Maximize results.
    By learning proper exercise form, be amazed how you can kick up your program intensity by making small changes in your form. I will show you how.
  • Make your workout work for you.
    Whether you have special needs or a special event in the future, I will get you there! There are NO canned programs here. It's all about you, baby ... and don't forget it!
  • Secrets to success.
    I've got them, and you will be inspired and so will your body! Once you've got these tools, the sky is the limit for you!
  • And my ultimate goal for you:
    Your 'aha' moment - when the whys, whens, and hows fall into place. When you find the motivation to keep going. When you find a permanent place in your life for fitness.

"Fitness shouldn't take up your whole life, but it should make your life whole."

Joan's Inspiration

"I went from a size 12 to a size 6-8 (smaller than I ever thought I would be)"

"Joan was able to motivate me to workout. She designed workouts that were easy and fun to follow and she even snuck some cardio in there so I would get that in too! I appreciated her honesty in helping me set realistic goals for myself."- Erin D., Fitness Vision with Joan client
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It's a WIN, WIN!

Make a double impact! Fitness Vision with Joan is committed to finding a cure. A portion of your purchase will go directly to The Foundation Fighting Blindness research programs.

Please check out The Foundation Fighting Blindness website for more information, and go to VisionWalk to learn more about or contribute to the FFB annual fundraiser.

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