Joan’s Fitness Vision Philosophy

Through empowerment, encouragement, and over 30 years of experience, I have successfully assisted clients reach their fitness goals. It’s not just about the “body” aspect of fitness, but achieving mind and spirit fitness as well.

The Short Burst Workout DVD video modules are designed to reach your mind through “can do” verbal cuing, your spirit by bringing a more personalized attitude to your workout and your body by creating challenging and effective exercise combinations.

I bring the same spirit, motivation, and fun in my private workout facility, Fitness Vision Studio, located in Aurora, IL. There is a special intensity working one on one – with a better understanding of your needs, we can create a clearer path towards your fitness goals together.

Now you can see results faster when you combine the DVD with the personalized attention you will receive at Fitness Vision Studio. Accountability, flexibility, exercise continuity and personalized service – now that’s a perfect combination for success!

I believe one of the most powerful keys to fitness results is understanding the necessity of change. We all resist change on some level, but when you finally open yourself to it, you realize that anything is truly possible. And that is one of the cornerstones of Fitness Vision with Joan. If you can see your relation with fitness differently, you WILL achieve fitness success. So despite my visual limitations, I continually strive to find new ways to keep my passion and gift alive. If I can do it, then you can too … and I am willing to prove it.

I have brought fitness success to many clients over my 30 years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, but perhaps my greatest accomplishment was working with a severely overweight woman. Together we rebuilt her body, her self-esteem, and, as it turned out, her life. Today she is a marathon runner, a personal trainer and a marathon coach for Team In Training. I could not have asked for any greater gift. Let me this gift with you as well.