Fitness Vision Studio

Fitness Vision Studio

For over 30 years we have shared and taught best practices to those looking to maximize their relationship with fitness. Along the way, we have learned just as much from you and your fitness journey. You are right! It isn’t just about weight loss, self-image, or sliding into a smaller size. Exercise can become something you WANT to do! Fitness at Fitness Vision Studio is about creating a positive environment to change your attitude, and your life. And for each person it is something unique and different. Together, we can find your “aha” moment – when exercise and understanding create a new “vision” of fitness for your life.

Our a-ha moment resulted in a dream: a private studio to showcase the unique vision you have shared about what fitness could be in your life. A one on one fitness journey that will inspire you to go further with your fitness goals since they are designed together based on your desired result. That dream has become reality as we proudly present: Fitness Vision Studio from Fitness Vision with Joan. At Fitness Vision Studio, we guide you towards creating a positive relationship with fitness, the opportunity to explore where you “fit in” with exercise (and how/when it fits in with you!) As a result, everything will change! “Fitness shouldn’t take up your whole life, but it should make your life whole.”

Even if you have been exercising for years, there is always room to elevate your game. Maintaining fitness in your life is a challenging but worthwhile journey. We have created just the right environment for you to accomplish that goal at Fitness Vision Studio. For a tour of our new studio, give us a call today!

But wait……you have to check out THE POWER COMBO which combines studio training AND your Short Burst Workouts DVD.

Services available:

  • One-on-one or partner fitness training
  • Full customized workout plan for each week
  • Studio workout and home workout (short Burst Workout DVD)
  • Fitness assessment
  • Training package offers
  • General fitness, post rehab conditioning, weight loss training, special populations
  • Nutritional guidance


Fitness Vision Studio is in the offices of Dr. Pyne and Dr. Lifka, chiropractic services. We are located in Aurora, IL in the Farnsworth Commons Office Center, 1660 N. Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 1 – between Indian Trail and I 88. Together with a full staff of massage therapists, we can offer integrated care to get you well and keep you healthy. Your health insurance provider may even cover a portion of your visits.
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