Miracle Mineral: Magnesium!

April 18, 2013, Posted by Joan

Magnesium is a vital mineral for your body.  Maintaining healthy levels are important to hundreds of processes. It contributes to proper bone formation, maintaining muscle function, regulating body temperature, proper absorption of calcium, and much more.

Not getting enough can inhibit serotonin production…..in other words, it will make you sad.  Do you get leg cramps?  Do your muscles stay sore way too long after your workout?  An article written in a well recognized holistic magazine suggested increasing your magnesium intake to 500 to 800 mg a day.  WORD TO THE WISE:  If you don’t get enough naturally and want to try magnesium supplements, make sure you take Magnesium Glycinate, NOT Magnesium Citrate (unless you are constipated.)  ;-)

FYI:  the average person needs 250 to 400 mg per day.

Try to get it naturally whenever you can! Here is a yummy list of magnesium packed and healthy foods:

Pumpkin Seeds:  the ruler of magnesium kingdom.  1/4 cup packs a whopping 100 mg, plus 7g protein, 5 g carbs, healthy fats, and 170 calories.

Brazil nuts:  although high in calories, they are loaded with magnesium, 125 mg per ½ cup,  they also boast lots of other minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

Wild Salmon:  ½ filets get you half your RDA of magnesium!  Add in the Omega fatty acids, B vitamins, and a boost from Vitamin D, this is one wild food!

Other great sources of magnesium are dates, almost all nuts, molasses, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, oatmeal, bananas, yellow corn, avocados, baked beans, and red wine.  This is making me hungry!  Let’s eat!


Money and your Mid-section

March 14, 2013, Posted by Joan

With the promise of warmer weather on its way, many of us start to think of taking a vacation  and all the preparation that goes along with it.  And what if you approached your workout with the same type of plans?  Here is something to think about when approaching your workouts.  This is a good check; are you being realistic in your weight loss and/ or fitness expectations?
Planning a vacation is like planning your workouts.  You don’t just shell out thousands of dollars for your trip, you save a little at a time.  When you workout, don’t just jump in a run a marathon; work your way up a little at a time on a consistent basis.  That will ensure the success of your program as well as the safety of your joints, bones and muscles.
When saving for that vacation, you might take a look at the family budget and sacrifice a few niceties for a while, to put that money into your savings.  Think of the few sacrifices you need to make in your fitness journey;  take the time from other activities, give up snacking on those high calorie treats, replace festive adult beverages for non-alcoholic drinks. Just like “saving” for that vacation – it all adds up!
And if you are actually planning a vacation, now you know how to plan your workout in preparation for it too!  Bon voyage!


Joan’s week 7 results in the “Fit to be seen in 2013″ challenge!

February 22, 2013, Posted by Joan

Joan’s final wrap up report of her results in the “Fit to be seen in 2013″ challenge!  How did you do with your goal???


Joan “keeps it real” in week 6 update!

February 13, 2013, Posted by Joan

Here is Joan, keepin’ it real in her week 6 check in!  How are things going with your plan?  Let us know!


Here comes week 5 results!

February 7, 2013, Posted by Joan

This week’s recap also answers the question of the week: Why are short burst workouts better for you? Check it out!


Joan’s Week 4 check in – Fit to be Seen in 2013!

February 1, 2013, Posted by Joan

Here is Joan’s Week 4 check in! She’s staying on track with her goals and already seeing results!



Fitness Vision with Joan has a new digital store platform!

January 28, 2013, Posted by Joan

Now it is even easier to work out when you have time in the time you have with our new online store!

This is a huge technological step for us and we are so proud to be able to offer it to you!

As of January 31, 2013 you will now be able to stream your Short Burst Workouts modules!  They are also compatible with all portable devices.  Like before, you will still be able to download the workouts and store them on your devices as well to take your workouts with you. You can find them on our “Buy it Now” tab, or by going to: http://fitnessvisionwithjoan.contentshelf.com/shop .

Check out our new store layout too, with clearer graphics and layout.  By updating our platform, Fitness Vision with Joan will be able to take your workouts to new heights!  Stay tuned for even more exciting upgrades in the near future and new downloadable Short Burst workouts 5 and 10 minute exercise modules.  Soon there will be even more ways to “See Fitness Differently!”


Week 3 recap!

January 24, 2013, Posted by Joan

It’s week 3! Joan discusses her progress goal and the KISS principle along with nutritional guidelines that work for her and bring her closer to her goal! How’s your progress going?






Joan’s week 2 progress- How realistic is your goal?

January 19, 2013, Posted by Joan

Joan’s week two progress is here!  This week Joan discusses when you need to re-examine your goals to be sure it is realistic and how to deal with unexpected setbacks!

Joan’s Week 2 Progress


Week one progress check!

January 11, 2013, Posted by Joan

Here’s Joan discussing her week one progress in her 6 week commitment to loose 10 lbs. How is your progress going? Keep up the good work!



Wondering what 10 extra pounds looks like on a fitness instructor? Here’s Joan discussing her holiday weight gain and her plan to get back to her preferred weight in six weeks!

January 2, 2013, Posted by Joan

It’s official! Joan is on the resolutionist wagon and is in the same boat as all of us!



“Fit To be Seen in 2013 Giveaway!”

December 21, 2012, Posted by Joan

5 Super Prize Packages to start 2013 off right by sharing the gift of Fitness!

With the New Year comes the “get fit” resolution.  Let’s work together
to accomplish those self improvement resolutions.  We’re launching a
little contest to set up FIVE lucky winners with all the tools they
need to achieve maximum fitness success in 2013!

There are different ways to get involved through our Facebook page:

1.      Every person that LIKES the Fitness Vision page or LIKES this
post, will be entered into the giveaway (one entry for each action).
All those who have already LIKED our page are already entered and all
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2.      If you post/ SHARE this to your FB page or friends-  you will
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3.      The same rules apply to your friends!!! For every person that
LIKES your shared post, you will also get credit for them.  (Not only
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will all be entered as well.)

4.      The best part is that it is cumulative!  For instance if you
LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends, and they SHARE it with 2
friends, you’d be looking at 33 (+) entries (and your friends would
each have 11 (+)! Luckily we have technology to do the math for us. We
will randomly choose FIVE lucky winners for the following prizes.

TWO ( 2)  Grand Prize winners will receive:  valued at $220:

-          Joan’s Short Burst Workout DVD

-          An electronic digital body weight scale

-          Your choice of an electronic food nutrition analyzer or
electronic food scale

-          A $20 certificate to Sports Authority

-        TWO (2) 30 minute personal training phone session with Joan.

THREE (3) additional winners will receive: valued at $170:

-          Joan’s Short Burst Workout DVD

-          An electronic digital body weight scale

-          An electronic food nutrition analyzer or electronic food scale

-         ONE (1) 30 minute personal training phone session with Joan.

Thanks for spreading the word that Fitness shouldn’t take up your
whole life, but it should make your life whole! Winners will be chosen
at random. Contest ends January 15th.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!  Joan


Is something really better than nothing?

December 15, 2012, Posted by Joan

Well, maybe not in all cases, but in the case of staying active, YES!

Many of us find it difficult getting in our usual workouts during the holidays; longer “to do” lists, holiday travel, financial constraints.

Don’t give up!  a short walk with the family, a few push-ups in the morning, stretching before getting out of bed, grabbing your nephew’s jump rope and jumping for a few minutes.  It won’t burn off the whole holiday feast or Gramma’s famous krispie treats, but it will keep you more alert, energized and  you heart healthy.

And if you feel “Bah Humbug”  a quick skip down the hill to your neighbor’s house could dispel the Grinchy mood. The point is that when it comes to fitness,  ANYTHING that gets your body in motion really is better than nothing.

Happy holidays!


There’s still time to give the lifetime gift of fitness!

December 6, 2012, Posted by Joan

There is still time to give the lifetime gift of Fitness for only $20 (FreeShipping!) but we are getting close to the last call to receive shipped orders before Dec 25th.  For all orders placed through Dec 14th, you can receive the free shipping, discount and free gift.

Orders placed after Dec. 14th, will still qualify for free shipping, but we can’t guarantee they will arrive by Dec. 25th.   However – There is another option! You can purchase them as a gift by purchasing the digital downloads to show how much you care for their health!

To get the workout video digital downloads OR the hardcopy DVD ( and a cool gift while supplies last!) for $20.00, enter the code “2012holiday” at checkout at our storefront: https://secure.digitalcontentcenter.com/shop/725309/products/

There are still a few of the special gifts available while supplies last.  I will include either a filtering water bottle or an Exer-tube fitness band FREE!

It is my way of saying thank you for sharing in the mission to “See Fitness Differently.” Because “Fitness shouldn’t take up your whole life, but it should make your life whole.”


PHA Training: it’s all good!

November 29, 2012, Posted by Joan

Have you heard about Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training?  It’s been around since the 1960’s, used by bodybuilders to define muscles while burning fat.  Basically, it is a form of circuit training of 4 to 6 exercises, alternating between upper body, lower body and core exercises.  The premise is that you can allow one body part to rest while you are torturing another, allowing you to work out longer without the lactic acid build up which causes fatigue.  With PHA, you burn more calories, burn more fat, add lean muscle mass and muscle definition.  Gee, it sure sounds like Short Burst Workouts to me!

Don’t get overwhelmed, I already have the workout for you!

Perform these exercise modules one after the other, with as little time between as possible.  use a weight that has a challenge level of a 7 out of 10 in challenge level. If you are new to exercise, take it slow.  Regardless of your ability level, if you stick with this for 6 weeks, you may just be ready for the bodybuilding stage!

Go to www.fitnessvisionwithjoan.com to pick up your copy of the 90 minute DVD or download to your computer.

And remember, I am always available to answer your questions at info@fitnessvisionwithjoan.com.  Allow me to help you achieve your Fitness Vision.

 6 week PHA/FVJ workout

Monday/ Thursday- Circuit 1: Repeat twice (25 minutes each circuit)

Stop the migration (chest and back)

Express Thigh Blast



Tuesday/ Friday- Circuit 2: Repeat twice (30 minutes each circuit)

Bolder Shoulders

Beauty Booty

Heart Core

Yoga Core Awakening

You can do the workout all in one workout, or you can do a circuit in the morning, and a circuit in the evening.

For more reading on PHA training, give this article a read.  http://www.muscleandstrength.com/articles/phat-training-fat-loss


Thanksgiving: It’s Just One Day!

November 23, 2012, Posted by Joan

Thanksgiving: It’s Just One Day!

5,000- 7,000

That is the number of calories consumed during Thanksgiving Day…..woah. (That’s everything from morning to evening.)


The number of hours it will take to work off the meal (exercising at a moderate intensity.)

Personally, I say, “OK, so what? It’s just one day.” My personal strategy is to consume a little less, but workout a little harder the following week. the conundrum comes into play when we don’t keep our promises to ourselves. The excuses start for not working out, and the Thanksgiving meal gets carried into the holiday party season.

This time of the year with shorter days, you want comfort food; carbohydrates. It is a chemical need your body has for serotonin, the hormone which trys to keep you happy. Carbohydrates release serotonin in your body. Is there any wonder why a Thanksgiving meal is loaded with them? Just a little food for thought.

Don’t let the indulgence of one day ruin your fitness momentum- thoroughly enjoy it- just get back to your usual programming as soon as possible!




This Season, give the lifetime gift of Fitness for only $20 (FreeShipping)!

November 15, 2012, Posted by Joan

To my friends in fitness;

Fitness Vision with Joan wants to help you kick off the holiday gift giving season with a special “Short Burst Workouts” DVD offer and free gift while supplies last.

Giving the gift of fitness is no longer the stigma it once was. It shows you really care. It creates a common goal to share and accomplish together and can create healthy habits for LIFE!

Check off your list of naughty and nice with 90 minutes of fun and fitness at 20% off! I will pick up the shipping, you get the boxed Short Burst Workouts DVD, ready to wrap for $20.00. Also included will be a personal welcome card and three 6-week Plan for Success workout programs.

And for the first 25 orders, I will include either a filtering water bottle or an Exer-tube fitness band FREE!

It is my way of saying thank you for sharing in the mission to “See Fitness Differently.” Because “Fitness shouldn’t take up your whole life, but it should make your life whole.”

Go To: www.fitnessvisionwithjoan.com to order. To get the DVD ( and a cool gift while supplies last!) for $20.00, enter the code “2012holiday” at checkout.

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy holidays from myself and the Fitness Vision with Joan family!


Want to lose more weight? Catch up on your Zzzzzs!

November 9, 2012, Posted by Joan

Boost metabolism with sleep? Sounds too good to be true, right?

According to Dr. Oz, one study revealed that with adequate sleep, the metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) works more efficiently (@ 20% faster) with at least 7 hours of sleep per night. With nearly 33% of Americans sleep deprived, just getting a few more winks would reduce obesity and related diseases.

With less sleep, your metabolism is more sluggish, which increases the level of stress hormones in your body, making you more hungry. The end result? You eat more. it’s not necessarily your fault because it takes tons of will power to resist the messages your body is sending you. Repeated sleepless can easily lead to weight gain. And even though you feel like you are doing a good job with your exercise program, your body is saying something entirely different……it’s tired!

Also consider that with shorter daylight, some of us suffer with seasonal affected disorder; another obstacle to navigate in your quest for health and weight management. Try eating dinner around 6:30 p.m. and getting to bed no earlier than 2 hours after your meal.

If you are thinking, “Yeah, right Joan,” – how about you do try it for 2 nights in a row and see if you make better nutritional choices. Go on, hit the hay!


Be Prepared to Pay If You Play This Halloween!

November 1, 2012, Posted by Joan

AH, the thrill of the hunt for sweets and the threat of the trick. There is, unfortunately, no real trick to avoiding sweets during the Halloween holiday. If you are at the mercy of raiding your child’s candy bag, at least I can arm you with some sugary stats and what it will take to burn them off.

Before putting that sweet treat in your mouth, do a little math:
Moderate intensity exercise burns, on average, 6 to 8 calories a minute. So for every 100 empty calories you consume, plan on spending 12.5 to 17 minutes taking it off. (think about HOW LONG it takes to eat it? 3 minutes maybe?)

A gram is equivalent to ¼ teaspoon, making 4 grams to 1 teaspoon. If you do a quick conversion to teaspoons, candy all of a sudden becomes almost too sweet. If you eat 4 mini-sized bars, you might as well eat 5 teaspoons of sugar…..Gross!

1 Hershey’s mini contains:
5 grams of sugar
5 grams x 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate = 20 calories

To work off 1 mini, you will have to exercise 2.5 to 3 minutes of EACH empty calorie loaded treat. Was it worth it?

Here are a few more treats to contemplate:
1 Hershey Kiss – 26 calories and 3 g sugar each kiss (about 3 minutes of exercise)
1 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars – Fun size (14 g) – 67 calories and 7 g sugar (about 10 minutes of exercise)
1 pack M&Ms, plain, Fun size (18 g) – 88 calories and 9 g sugar (about 12 minutes of exercise)

When you realize that you can put the calories in your mouth at a much faster rate than you can (or are willing to spend) taking it off, the trick is most definitely on us! You have been warned my pretties……..


Careful- That Treat is a Trick!

October 25, 2012, Posted by Joan

It seems like everywhere you go, ’tis the season for sweet treats. Halloween is but a few fortnights hence, I want you to be prepared for the impending mischief. I’m sorry to be the voice of reason BUT the mischief that sugar plays on your body, or I should say preys on your body, is a seductive and insidious mistress disguised in many forms- careful- that TREAT is a TRICK!

Here is the short story on the body’s response to eating sugar: Sugar contains no fiber, protein, no fat, no vitamins, minerals or enzymes. It is empty useless calories put into the body.

When a refined sugar (simple carbohydrate) enters the body, the body gets confused, because it does not recognize what it is and it does not know how to break it down or how to use it. It can’t be used for any part of the body’s functions; nevertheless the body goes to work trying to do something with it. So it steals vital nutrients from other parts of the body to metabolize it; calcium from your bones and teeth, minerals and enzymes from various parts of the body. Small imbalances start to happen in the body as the sugar has taken nutrients from virtually every system in the body. If the sugar keeps entering the body, then the body keeps using more and more of the body’s vital nutrients to break the sugar down. If there are not enough nutrients to metabolize the sugar, the body has no choice but to store the empty nutrients where they start building up in the body, becoming toxic. The results of eating too many refined sugars are the focus of many research projects, and here are just a few of the results from eating too many refined carbohydrates:

- Disrupts your body’s metabolism
- Inhibits the burning of fats as a fuel source, this causes weight gain
- Erosion of your dental enamel leading to cavities
- Type 2 Diabetes
- Over production of yeast in the body, this causes bloating
- Depression

Hey, I am all for a bit of a sweet treat on occasion, but the recommended Daily Allowance by the AHA is 30 grams or 150 calories per day. The average American consumes over 111 grams of sugars per day, that’s 450 total daily intake! Moderation is always the key. Make a good educated decision before indulging!


A sports bra that can detect Breast Cancer???

October 18, 2012, Posted by Joan

In honor of October’s breast cancer awareness month, I thought I would try to find a connection
between sports bras and breast cancer. Does not wearing a sports bra have any detrimental effects;
something along those lines. But what I found is even better; a sport bra that can detect early breast
cancer…can you believe it?

The company that developed it, First Warning System, hopes to take early breast cancer detection
to the next level, and has developed the breast tissue screening bra. It works to detect changes in the
temperature of your breast tissue. This change is brought on by the body creating abnormal blood
vessels to possible cancerous tissue, innervating the irregular cell growth.

The Breast Tissue Screening Bra, which resembles a sports bra, has sensors inside that monitor your
breast temperature, which gets uploaded to the internet for yours and your health care professional’s
evaluation. This bra has been shown to be at least 90% effective in detecting small changes in breast
tissue abnormalities; up to 3 years earlier than a mammogram.

For more information, you can go to www.firstwarningsystems.com , or watch a video on the bra at

With 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer, this just might be worth the investment; one source
quoted the price at $1,000. Now if it only kept them from heading south too, I might just be interested!


More good news about short Burst Workouts!

October 11, 2012, Posted by Joan

The number one excuse we use to not exercise is TIME. A recent article by Dorene Internicola in the Chicago Tribune discusses more evidence why “Short Burst Workouts” are effective.

“You can get a good enough workout that can make real metabolic changes to your body” said Liz Neporent in the recent Chicago Tribune article. Liz is a well known fitness expert and author.

The American College of sports Medicine (ACSM) says that adults need to exercise 150 minutes a week for overall health and stress reduction. That’s 21 minutes a day! Shoot, sometimes it takes me that long to glue on my skinny jeans!

Please see the full article here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/health/sns-rt-us-fitness-highintensitybre88n0mm-20120924,0,3851736,full.story


My Visit to Aspira- Haugan Middle School!

October 5, 2012, Posted by Joan

I recently was fortunate to visit Aspira- Haugan Middle School.

60 students, all special needs much like myself.

As I shared my story of challenge and perseverance, it was my hope that the 60 bright-eyed young students were inspired.

My only regret was that I did not have time to hear their stories of triumph over adversity. Nonetheless, their smiles and participation buoyed my spirits!

Thank you to each of the students that spent their first period with Duane and I.

Keep exercising!


10 ways to burn 100 calories: Cleaning!

September 27, 2012, Posted by Joan

I often get asked how many calories household tasks burn? Well,
wonder no more. I do want to point out that if you do these on a regular basis, you will want to consider “kicking your cleaning speed up a notch.” Go faster, add some additional movement during the cleaning, listen to fast music, or my personal suggestion would be to come clean MY house too!

1. Cooking: 34 minutes

2. Shoveling snow: 15 minutes

3. Doing dishes: 40 minutes

4. Cleaning, moderate effort: 26 minutes

5. Weeding the garden: 20 minutes

6. Sweeping: 23 minutes

7. Folding laundry (standing:) 32 minutes

8. Carrying around a 15 pound child: 20 minutes

9. Shopping: 38 minutes

10. Walking the dog, 26 minutes (If it is a big dog, subtract 2 minutes)

These power cleaning ideas are super packed with benefits! Not only
will you improve your fitness level, but you will be extra proud of your clean house. Clean on!


10 ways to Burn 100 calories: Part 2

September 20, 2012, Posted by Joan

Take advantage of these simple ideas to boost your bod! Any time you spend NOT sitting insures your health, inside and out. Check out these “health insurance opportunities”

Remember to kick up a bit of a sweat to get the full 100 calorie burn.

1. Biking: 23 minutes of casual cycling
2. (2) Yoga Body Awakening exercise modules of your “short Burst Workouts” DVD
3. Dancing around living room: 20 minutes (a personal favorite, but I dance in my office……don’t tell anybody!)
4. Golfing, carrying clubs: 15 minutes…..if you don’t golf, carry a 15 pound child around and every once in a while swing them around.)
5. Raking leaves: 23 minutes
6. Lifting weights, vigorously: 15 minutes
7. Basketball, shooting hoops: 20 minutes
8. Mopping the floor: 20 minutes
9. Rearranging furniture: 14 minutes (and if you add in vacuuming with it, take 3 minutes off!)
10. Playing soccer, casual: 13 minutes

Next week I will do an exclusive “all housework” 100 calorie burn list. Look at it this way, you could save a bunch on club memberships by using your house cleaning as your workout!


10 ways to burn 100 calories: Part 1

September 13, 2012, Posted by Joan

Your body burns calories all day long. If you are trying to increase your fitness level or lose weight, the key is to keep your metabolism working at peak performance. Here are the first 10 “Burn 100 calorie” activities. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

For this is have maximum benefit, you do need to work at a Rate of Perceived Exertion of 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. (Rate of Perceived Exertion is a self assessment of how hard you think you are working.)

1. Mowing the lawn: 20 minutes
2. Jumping rope: 9 minutes at a moderate intensity
3. Bowling: 30 minutes (without beer! Add 30 minutes for each beer.)
4. Walking: 20 minutes of walking at a 3 mph pace
5. Rowing machine: 13 minutes
6. (1) 10 minute cardio module and (2) 5 minute sculpting module of your “Short Burst Workouts” DVD
7. (3) 5 minute resistance workout modules of your “Short Burst Workouts” DVD
8. (1½) 10 minute cardio modules of your “Short Burst Workouts” DVD
9. Running stairs: 6 minutes
10. Walking stairs: 11 minute


Joan Creviston- Master Trainer, Entrepreneur, AUTHOR!

September 6, 2012, Posted by Joan

As we talked about last week, Joan teamed up with Cathi Watson on her talk show a few weeks back. In addition, Cathi has asked that Joan write a chapter in her book, “Choices”. See below for an excerpt from Joan’s chapter and we’ll keep you posted on the status of the publishing date!

Excerpt from “Choices” Awe-inspiring CHOICES revealed by successful entrepreneurs:

I have a full and great life. I love being active, biking, snowshoeing, walking my dog, cooking, entertaining and gardening even though I am almost completely blind. I have an incurable hereditary retinal degenerative eye disease call retinitis pigmentosa. When I was diagnosed at the all knowing age of 24, I told every doctor that saw me, “they were full of you know what!” What did they know, I’m single, a budding interior designer, independent. I didn’t have time for this nonsense.

The truth, this diagnosis left me devastated. More to the point, I was going to lose my sight; sometimes it will change quickly, sometimes more slowly. This was the beginning of my crisi-tunity. Seven years later, my depth persecution was off, my color rendition ability was distorting, my peripheral vision was disappearing. Most people see 170 degrees I have less than 10 degrees left. I had to make a choice, crisis or opportunity. “Think Joan, what do you want your life to be?” I chose opportunity.

(PhotoCredit: Kimberly Stotlar)


Cathi Watson’s Radio show interview now available!

August 30, 2012, Posted by Joan

Joan was recently asked to be a guest on Cathi Watson’s blog radio show. They had the opportunity to talk about some of the choices Joan has made in her life given the challenges of losing her sight. Click below for the recording live show ( from Aug 17)!



A few more 60 Seconds to Instant Energy ideas!

August 23, 2012, Posted by Joan

Need more tips to stave off the blahs and boost your mood? So, here are the last few in the series of how to make 60 seconds into instant energy! Give it a try and let me know how it works!

1. Do 15 jumping jacks. If that does not work, do 10 more……after all, this IS 60 seconds to instant energy. While you are busy jumping like a fool, try not to smile, cause that will only help boost your mood even more!

2. Tell a joke. If you stink at joke telling, go directly to #3. Otherwise, start with an easy one: “a 3-legged dog walks into a bar and says, ‘I’m looking for the man who shot my PA(w.)’” If that doesn’t work, don’t take it personally, but I think you see how 60 seconds of humor can bring a smile to your face!

3. Think of something wonderful. Take stock on all the good that is in your life. Send a sweet message to a BFF. Think of something great you want to do over the weekend. Having gratitude is a POWERFUL stress reliever!

Stress can sap your energy, but by giving yourself a short energy boost, you will reset your brain. But hey, if 1 minute isn’t long enough for an attitude adjustment, take 2; your mind and body will appreciate it!


Joan named “Remarkable Woman” in the Chicago Tribune!

August 17, 2012, Posted by Joan

By Heidi Stevens, Tribune Newspapers

August 12, 2012
Endurance and enviable upper body strength seem like commendable, necessary even, traits in a fitness instructor.

Joan Creviston would throw empathy in there too.

“I understand everybody has their own challenges in life,” says the 48-year-old Creviston, founder of Fitness Vision with Joan (fitnessvisionwithjoan.com), an online personal training program. “Whether it’s arthritis, MS, recovery from a stroke, depression, I certainly understand personal struggle.”

Creviston was diagnosed in 1987 with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye condition that will eventually lead to total blindness. For now, she can see within a 10-degree radius, which allows her to lead group fitness classes and personal training sessions at a local gym in Aurora, a job she walks, runs, bikes or snowshoes to, depending on the weather. Her online program is made up of “short burst” workout videos and DVDs, the proceeds of which she donates to the Foundation Fighting Blindness for research on degenerative eye conditions.

“By me focusing on what I can do rather than what I can’t do, I’m able to bring a perspective and a sensitivity and say, ‘You can really make a difference in your health and your fitness, and we will do it together.’”

Creviston studied interior designer in college and pursued a career as a designer for several years before her peripheral vision and color-rendering abilities became restrictive. After much soul-searching with her husband, Duane, she turned to a lifelong passion: fitness.

“When I was in college (at theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), all my spending money came from teaching at the Nautilus on campus,” she recalls. “I worked at East Bank Club and Bally. I competed as an amateur bodybuilder.”

She also draws inspiration from one charismatic, highly emotive fitness instructor, whose look and methodology defy our modern Lululemon-loving, perfectly sculpted conventions.

“I love my Richard Simmons,” she says with a laugh. “He finds the beauty and joy and fun and wonder in everybody he touches. Regardless of what he does, he does it with spirit and enthusiasm. I really love that.”

Q: What’s your greatest attribute?

A: I can stand in front of hundreds of people, void of fear, and be myself. I don’t get easily embarrassed. I know how to laugh at myself, and I have compassion for others’ plights. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you be something else is the greatest achievement.”

Q: What’s the best lesson you learned from your parents?

A: My mother has given me the gift of being able to see positive in any situation, to make the best of a less-than-ideal circumstance, to cherish the good and love all that much deeper. She is a great teacher by example. Be strong, be independent, explore your passions. My father keeps me mindful of making sure I make a difference in the time I have on Earth. He is a superb conversationalist, which I diligently strive to learn from him. Oh, and he told me to never have a picture taken holding a cocktail.

Q: Who is your living hero?

A: My husband, Duane. I will forever marvel at the depth of his commitment to me and our relationship. There is seldom a time he isn’t by my side when I call his name. He is fiercely devoted, passionate about his causes and tenacious in his pursuit of success.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: Og Mandino: “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” “The Greatest Secret in the World,” “The Greatest Miracle in the World.” I would love to read the Chelsea Handler books; she’s quite funny, and lots of people say I look like her. Except her butt is bigger than mine these days.

Q: What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

A: Shopping, napping, cooking, eating, daydreaming, watching TV reruns.

Q: What did you want to be at age 13?

A: Playing the flute with two orchestras, acting with a teen theater group, sneaking cigarettes. I don’t think I knew then, but it sure sounds like I wanted to be Jethro Tull!

Q: What’s your professional mantra?

A: Be your best every day; the alternative is unacceptable.


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More 60 Seconds to Instant Energy ideas

August 9, 2012, Posted by Joan

Like we discussed last week, if you have 60 seconds, you can have more energy and experience less stress. Try these tips in addition to last weeks tips:

1. Listen to a favorite song. OK, this one is longer than 60 seconds, but who cares if it is a rockin’ fave? Why not sing along (or lip sinc.) It is instant happy, and instant endorphins!

2. Pinch an inch. Take your index finger and your thumb and pinch (or massage) the skin between your index finger and thumb on the other hand. Some say this ancient secret is the equivalent to drinking a small cup of coffee ( and MUCH better for you!). Bottoms up.

3. Go outside. Get a bit of Vitamin D during the summer solstice. Close your eyes and look up. Take a breath.

You have not only reduced your stress, but you have reduced your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancers of the breast, prostate, and colon, lifting depression and helping with insomnia. Shine on!


60 seconds to Instant Energy ! (Part 1)

August 2, 2012, Posted by Joan

These days it seems like we spend our waking hours sitting; In a car, in front of a computer, at your child’s soccer game, enjoying a meal. And although I strive to give you the most effective and efficient workouts, sometimes we all need a little “pick me up” in-between. Before you run to the coffee, try these sixty second ideas to boost your body and energy level!

1. Breathe! Close your eyes; feel your lungs as they rise and fall. Clear your head, get rid of some of the anxiety. Spending this time just focusing on your breathing will put more oxygen into your blood stream to wake up the body and mind.

2. Drink some water. 8 oz. of H2O will help lubricate your engine and stave off the #1 cause of afternoon fatigue……dehydration! Those 3:00 head-nods mean your body has used it’s energy digesting your lunch and is looking to be rinsed down in preparation of your next meal.

3. If you can’t get out for a quick walk, take a minute to stand, twist and bend. By mobilizing your back (spine) you can get some of the kinks out, encourage circulation and open the pathway your brain waves travel through. Try turning your upperbody 90 degrees to the right, hold for 15 seconds, then turn and repeat to the left. Next, put your right hand on the seat next to your right hip, stretch your left hand up and over your head, flexing your torso to the right and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat on the left and feel the difference!

Try those on for size. Notice a difference? Over the next month, we’ll look at a few more. What works for your mid-day energy slump?


Cool It!

July 26, 2012, Posted by Joan

Cool It!

Of course you know what you need to do in order to have a safe and effective workout in the heat. But just in case, here are some reminders:

Time it right. Early or late, whenever it is coolest. This may also be a good way to mix up your workout; if you are more of a morning person, switch to an evening session and vice versa. The hottest part of the day usually falls between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Dress for the weather. This is not time for fashion. Form fitting clothes are out of style when it comes to heat, looser lightweight clothing should be your workout staple here. This will allow your body to cool itself more efficiently.

Wear sunscreen. The last thing you want is a sunburn — it’ll keep your skin from cooling off and sap precious fluids. And why put all your effort into looking younger but let the sun make you look older? Choose a sunscreen free of oxybenzone, a chemical that has been linked to hormone disruption. If you are not sure if your sunscreen is safe, check out Skin Deep, a helpful tool to find the right sunscreen for you.

Drink lots of water. Drink 4 to 8 ounces every 15 minutes while you work out. If you exercise for more than an hour, you may need a sports drink or a snack to replace the salt and other electrolytes you lose as you sweat.

Watch your heart rate. In reaction to heat, your body increases blood flow to your skin in an effort to cool you off. The result is less blood for your muscles and an elevated heart rate. If you’re not used to working out in the heat, take it slow as you will find your heart rate is higher than an indoor workout.

Personally, when the temperature gets above 85 degrees, I become very susceptible to heat exhaustion. If you have a difficult time like I do, maybe an indoor workout is more for you on those hot days. Just be careful! And don’t forget the above easy but sometimes overlooked reminders.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

July 19, 2012, Posted by Joan

Health is a journey; which way are you going?

If you don’t make time for it now, how do you think you will find the time later?! I heard today that the average women thinks about her weight 3 times a day. And for over 50% of the country, the thoughts are not happy ones.

I also heard that making a bad nutritional choice often leads to another…….and another. If you combine the negative body thoughts with poor nutritional choices, no wonder we don’t want to do anything active; we are depressed and nutritionally depleted!

To make your life journey a healthy one, think like a turtle. Slow and steady. You will get there little by little. Just keep heading in the right direction and you will get there! And along the way you will be rewarded in exchange for your efforts….I promise. I could tell you what all of them are, but then I would be ruining all the wonderful surprises. But I will let you know that it is more rewarding than eating the best dessert in all the world. (Not that I have tasted all the desserts in the world, but then again, I am a turtle.)

Slow and Steady my friends… Slow and Steady!


National Rehabilitation Association Conference

July 12, 2012, Posted by Joan

In my last post, I mentioned that in July of this year, I was once again awarded the Personal Achievement Award by the Illinois Rehabilitation Association. Along with this honor, I have been asked to speak at two of their conferences to share my story! In addition, I will also attend the National Rehabilitation Association Conference in August at the Hyatt McCormick Place in Chicago! The conference discusses recent state of the art practices and methods in the industry of Rehabilitation which is a special opportunity for me to share my story as well as share my Short Burst Workouts DVD to those that need a fitness program but also have specialized fitness needs.

If you are interested in more information about the conference, click on the link here: http://sites.google.com/site/nra2012conference/


What makes you Proud?

July 6, 2012, Posted by Joan

In June this year I was awarded the Illinois Rehabilitation Award for outstanding Personal achievement. The luncheon was held in Peoria, IL. Three years ago with the help of The bureau of blind Services, I launched Fitness Vision with Joan.com.

What you may not know is that because I am legally blind, there are federally and state funded opportunities for disabled individuals to obtain funding for new business start up.

I am not sure what I am most proud of: That I have created a new business; That, despite my obstacles I have done something pretty darn cool; that I was given funding AND an award for my achievements; or that I have been able to change other peoples’ lives through encouragement and example. Regardless of the reason, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring fitness to you and hopefully make a difference in your life.

What challenges you the most will ultimately bring you the most fulfillment when you overcome those challenges! What are you most proud of today?


Visionwalk 2012 re-cap!

June 28, 2012, Posted by Joan

Amidst 93 degree heat, 1,200 walkers showed up at Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village to support The Foundation Fighting Blindness research efforts to fund cures for retinal degenerative diseases like the one I have, Retinitis Pigmentosa. This year we raised $317,000 which is not only exceeded our goal of $310,000, but also set a record for the most money raised for a Chicago walk! This was a wonderful step towards finding a cure in sight.

To all those who participated, donated directly and also contributed by purchasing a Fitness Vision DVD or download during our fund drive, thank you!!!!

With warm thanks and gratitude for supporting my “vision”,



Exercise- good for the body… good for the mind!

June 21, 2012, Posted by Joan

It may come as a surprise to you that I don’t love to exercise.

Sometimes I actually hate it. But I do it anyway, because the rewards far outweigh whatever discomfort I feel during a workout. Regular exercise leads to better health, more energy, a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, and a longer life. But it isn’t just the physical benefits of exercise that push me — it’s what it does for my mental health.

The mental-health benefits start right after you exercise. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you complete a workout? That you feel relaxed, or even euphoric? That mood lift, often called “runner’s high,” comes courtesy of natural morphine-like chemicals called endorphins. Exercise floods the brain with endorphins, which help to relieve pain, enhance your mood, and relieve stress.

But the feel-good effects don’t stop after the endorphin rush subsides. Over time, exercise provides a major boost to your confidence. As you start working out and getting stronger, your sense of strength in other aspects of your life will naturally flourish as well. To put it another way, if you can survive my workouts, you can do anything — and when you feel that sense of empowerment, nothing will be able to stand between you and the life you want to live!


Post Short Burst Workout Kit – throw these items in your “on the go” bag!

June 14, 2012, Posted by Joan

Ya know these little bursts are gonna make you sweat along with kicking your metabolism in the booty.
Here is your list of “must haves” to get freshened up after your mid-afternoon burst. These items travel
as well as your workouts.

-Disposable sponge bath cloths
You can get these at any drug store. If you pop them in a microwave, the get toasty warm.
If you have access to a sink, a wash cloth works well too.

-Deodorant….no kidding, right?

-Dry shampoo
Works well to get rid of excess oil when you are in a rush.

-Oil absorbing face cloths or a tissue toilet seat cover
Helps to get rid of the oil and shine on the face. Works better than facial tissue since it has no

-Foot powder or baking soda

-Change of clothes (especially socks)

You can sweat, just don’t let ‘em see your sweat!


7th Annual Vision Walk!

June 7, 2012, Posted by Joan

To my dedicated supporters;

As Duane and I enter our 21st year of involvement with The Foundation Fighting Blindness, we certainly can say there have been many changes. I can say that my life has changed with each decrease in my vision. Once I could get through my day with but a few thoughts of my bothersome sight; now it touches every aspect of my day, from brushing my teeth to walking through my beloved gym. I have started an online fitness business which donates proceeds from the sale of my exercise DVD goes to FFB. My vision changes are not limited to me. My sweet husband Duane has to watch my sight dwindle, often feeling helpless as I fumble, but the first one to pick me up (in more ways than one.)

And with the passing of those 21 years, changes in The Foundation Fighting Blindness research efforts have brought us closer and closer to a cure for retinal degenerative diseases. Stem cells are being converted into photoreceptor cells, “bionic eye” implants are a reality, pharmacological discoveries to prolong useful vision, gene restoration efforts to reverse the bodies genetic messages.

There IS a cure in sight, and I need your continued commitment to bring it to light. The 7th annual Visionwalk is being held Sunday, June 10th at Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village. Duane and I would be honored if you would join our team and walk with us. Click on this link to register as a walker or donate if you can’t make it. http://www.fightblindness.org/site/TR/VISIONWALK/VisionWalktr?team_id=60194&pg=team&fr_id=4560
In addition, the fund drive on FitnessVisionwithJoan.com is still going where an ADDITIONAL dollar from every sale with go towards the Vision Walk through July 1.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of our mission to find a cure for my eyesight. Everything you do in life makes a difference; what kind of difference you want to make is up to you.

To a cure in sight,

Joan Creviston, Co-captain
Team Creviston’s VisionQuest


Attention Seniors: Time To Get Pumped Up!

May 31, 2012, Posted by Joan

It is never too late to start a weight training program! As we age our bodies become less efficient due to loss of muscle mass, bone density, coordination, balance, metabolic function, diabetes and cognitive ability. While this sounds disheartening, know that weight lifting can slow down and or may even reverse some of our body’s natural aging processes.

Your body has the ability to still learn and benefit from stressing the muscles and bones. Here are some of the outstanding benefits:

- reduced risk of osteoporosis
- Improved bone density
- Increased endurance throughout the day
- Lower blood pressure
- Reduced insulin resistance
- Reduced body fat
- Increased muscle mass and metabolic rate
- Elevated mood

There are yet other benefits from starting a resistance based program. Seniors that pump iron suffer from less depression and have improved self confidence as shown in a study conducted by Tufts University.

So, what types of exercises should you do? At home or in the gym, grab a set of medium heavy dumbbells to start and work your large muscles 2 to 3 sets per body part (chest, back, legs, and core). Perform 10 to 12 repetitions per set and rest 30 to 60 seconds between sets. Plan on doing this at least 2 times per week; no need to do more than 3 times per week according to a study done by Harvard Medical in 2011.

Other options include purchasing some inexpensive elastic tubing bands and go for a walk. Every 2 to 3 minutes, stop and perform your large muscle resistance program by wrapping the band around a small tree or standing on the tube for squats or biceps curls.

And of course the usual rules apply; check with your doctor before starting any program, make sure you warm up before exercising, and cool down afterwards.


The Power of the Stability Ball

May 25, 2012, Posted by Joan

The Power of the Stability Ball

If you haven’t added exercising with the exercise ball, also known as a stability or Swiss ball, to your workout, here is some good information that may persuade you to give it a try.
Here is the obvious: it is lightweight, portable, durable, and cost effective. What you may not realize is that the stability ball is highly adaptable, from a functional perspective as well as from an exercise perspective.

The concept of utilizing the stability ball is that you are working with an unstable surface which causes stabilizer muscles deep in your core to activate and remain activated throughout the exercise. So, the muscles located in the midsection of your body are working to counteract gravity. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Functional exercise utilizing the stability ball:

When we talk about functional exercise, it refers to how you utilize your body in performing daily living activities. It also refers to the type of training you do; for example executing functional training program to improve your golf game.

Just by sitting on the ball your body is doing some very impressive things:
- You are improving proprioception (awareness of how you body moves in space) – Just by sitting on the ball, you are improving your balance.
- You activate the stabilizing muscles in your abdominal region as well as your stabilizers in your back. Both important areas that are underused and over injured.
- You are improving your posture, which will help you open your lungs and breath better.

Resistance exercise using the stability ball:

When speaking of utilizing the stability ball in a traditional resistance routine to build muscle mass, every exercise you perform in the gym can be translated into an exercise with the stability ball.
Let’s take a look at the traditional dumbbell bench press.

- Instead of utilizing a flat bench, place the ball at the top of your back so your head, shoulders and chest are supported.
- Lift your hips, stabilize your torso, and keep your feet shoulder width apart and your knees at 90 degrees.
- With an appropriate weight, execute your dumbbell chest press.

By utilizing the stability ball in this exercise, researchers at the University of Auckland, New Zealand reported increased deltoid and abdominal muscle activity while performing the chest press on a stability ball compared to a stable flat bench.

Everyone can use a stability ball to enhance their workout! From elite athletes to older adult exercisers, the stability ball is a must add to your exercise program. Give it a try, it’s easier than you think!


Short Burst Modification Video Tutorial now available!

May 18, 2012, Posted by Joan

How can I make my workout work even better for me? What kind of equipment should I buy? Find out in this supplemental tutorial at FitnessvisionwithJoan.com – Short Burst Workout Modification.


“WHY SHORT BURST WORKOUTS” tutorial now available on video page!

May 10, 2012, Posted by Joan

 Find out how Joan makes your workout work for YOU and your busy life  as she discusses Why Short Burst workouts actually WORK in this supplemental video.  Enjoy!


NBC Health Podcast, part two

May 4, 2012, Posted by Joan

Here is the remainder of Joan’s discussion with Dr. Sandy Goldberg on NBC Health Podcast last month:



NBC Health Podcast, part one

April 27, 2012, Posted by Joan

Here is part 1 of the NBC Health Podcast with Joan on Sandy Goldberg’s show! Keep your eyes open for part two, coming next week!



What is my Core? Tutorial video now live!

April 18, 2012, Posted by Joan

WHAT IS MY CORE   Increase your core knowledge and get your best core workout ever with this supplemental tutorial to the Short Burst Workouts!  Enjoy!


New video tutorials!

April 11, 2012, Posted by Joan

Check out this new video tutorial where Joan discusses the benefits of Short Burst Exercise!


April 5, 2012, Posted by Joan

In case you missed it live, here is the link to watch the story on ABC 7:

Vision loss doesn’t stop personal trainer | Video | abc7chicago.com  by Karen Meyer

April 5, 2012 (CHICAGO (WLS) — Fitness trainers need to be physically fit, good communicators and have good eyes to monitor movements of their trainees.

But one Chicago area trainer has figured out how to do that despite her progressive vision loss.

Once a commercial interior designer, Joan Creviston changed careers, to something she is not only passionate about but can still be challenged by.

Nine months ago, Lisa Starks started training with Creviston.

“I called the fitness center and I said I want a female and I want somebody older and I want someone who will listen to me and they said Oh you need to talk to Joan,” Starks said. “I had worked out with her for a month and had no idea that she has a vision issue.”

Joan was born with vision loss.

“It’s a heredity condition called retinitis pigmentosa, Creviston said. “I was diagnosed when I was in my early twenties. Since my 20s, my vision has gotten most worse.  It’s progressed quite rapidly.

“I have enough vision right now to see what they’re doing. I really understand the kinesiology of how the body moves and I can tell if it’s moving the right way and I can tell when it’s not moving the right way.”

Since Starks began working out with Creviston, she lost a total of 70 pounds. She is 10 pounds away from her goal.

Beth Goncher is another client of Creviston’s who didn’t know she has a vision loss for several months

“She was constantly looking at form and you know making sure you filled the lines, making sure that the reps that we were doing, the form was correct and she was very specific about that,” Goncher said.

Creviston, who is also involved with the foundation Fighting Blindness, developed a training DVD called “Visual fitness training with Joan Creviston.”

“It’s five- to 10-minute exercise modules of what’s considered metabolic conditioning, so it’s a real high intensity for a short period of time,” she said.

“I’m going to continue training and personal training and group exercise instructing for as long as I visually can and I’m going to continue to grow visual business, my virtual business, my internet business to include as much as can,” she said. “I would love to get into podcasting. I would love to expand my library of exercise modules. You know when it comes to that, I have a lot of great ideas and my future looks bright.”

For more information, visit www.blindness.org.

(Copyright ©2012 WLS-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)


ABC 7 Interview is Airing today!

, Posted by Joan

There’s lots of excitement here today! Thursday, April 5th between 11:30 and 11:45 a.m. ABC 7 will be airing a story about Joan’s journey with vision loss and the start of Fitness Vision with Joan. Set those DVRs and enjoy!


Press Release: Fitness Vision Sets Sight on Cure!

March 26, 2012, Posted by Joan



April 1, 2012 – AURORA, IL – Fitness Vision with Joan ( www.fitnessvisionwithjoan.com) announced today that it will expand their fundraising efforts with the Foundation Fighting Blindness (www.FBB.org), in this year’s Vision Walk. Joan Creviston, a Chicago area fitness trainer and President of online fitness program Fitness Vision with Joan, intends to expand their reach in 2012, by adding new workouts and exercise tutorials to assist their clients integrate fitness as part of their healthy lifestyle; bringing the revolutionary short burst fitness approach to online clients.

Legally blind, Team Creviston’s tremendous efforts in previous Vision Walks have added up to over $200,000 in donations for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, an organization dedicated to research and cures for eye diseases and conditions that lead to blindness. Joan has a condition known as Retina Pigmentosa, which has diminished her eyesight down to 10 degrees of vision over the years. Since day one, every sale at Fitness Vision has resulted in a donation to the Foundation. In support of the Vision Walk, the donation will now be increased by an additional dollar from every sale during the fund drive for Vision Walk donations. “It’s a WIN-WIN”, Joan states, “Not only are you doing something to impact your health by purchasing the short burst fitness videos, you are also impacting another person’s health in the process!”

Joan hopes that the momentum that Fitness Vision has seen in recent months, such as the story over AP found in 12 publications, including the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Examiner and the Washington Examiner will bolster her fundraising efforts. “Once people KNOW a program like this exists, they see how simple it is to increase their fitness to the tune of 20-30 minutes a day”, says Joan whose fitness programs provide an easy platform to help people start seeing fitness as a way of life, instead of a drain in their busy schedule. “People are realizing that short-burst fitness is the way to go. It allows people to get their workouts in when they have time and without having to spend an hour per day in the gym.”

Most recently, Joan spoke as a panelist for the Chicago Women’s Conference on the importance and necessity of fitness on March 15th. This month, she will be contributing to an NBC Health Podcast with Dr. Sandy Goldberg on April 4th, and will be featured by ABC7 for a TV appearance to air on April 5th, discussing the benefits of short burst fitness and current fitness trends.

In addition to the fund drive, Fitness Vision with Joan plans to continue its personal approach to online fitness training in 2012. For more information go to: www.fitnessvisionwithjoan.com

MEDIA CONTACT: info@fitnessvisionwithjoan.com

About Fitness Vision with Joan: FitnessVisionwithJoan.com is an online personal fitness training program designed for busy people of all fitness levels. Maximize your workout results and minimize your workout time with adaptable intensity short-burst workout video that can fit in anytime, anywhere. www.fitnessvisionwithJoan.com


Losing her sight, Aurora woman still has fitness vision

February 22, 2012, Posted by admin

By Marie Wilson, Daily Herald

Just because Joan Creviston of Aurora is losing her sight doesn’t mean she can’t have a vision.

The 47-year-old former interior designer can only see within a 10-degree radius, but she’s using what sight she has left — along with a passion for exercise — to start an online fitness training business and help people “see fitness differently.”

Fitness Vision with Joan combines two of Creviston’s passions: promoting an active lifestyle and raising money and awareness for retinitis pigmentosa, the visual disorder that’s stealing her sight.

“My true goal is to change people’s lives through fitness, and just as important is to raise money for a cure,” she said.

She generates funds by donating a portion of proceeds from each DVD sold at fitnessvisionwithjoan.com to the Foundation Fighting Blindness for research on degenerative eye conditions. She builds awareness of visual disorders by using a broad sense of “vision” in the name of her business and speaking openly about her loss of sight.

Dwindling sight

Diagnosed in her mid-20s with retinitis pigmentosa, Creviston knew she’d have to make a switch from her original career as an interior designer. Fitness was a natural fit because she’d always enjoyed athletics growing up.

She became a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for the Fox Valley Park District, but her field of vision kept shrinking.

Creviston now can see about a 10 degree radius instead of the more than 180 degrees a person with full vision can see when looking straight ahead and using peripheral vision.

Looking at a person’s face, Creviston can make out the outline of hair — whether it’s short or long and its color — but she can’t see anything below the chin. Still, she doesn’t tire of explaining her range of vision to new clients and people she meets.

“They ask a lot, and I’m glad that they ask a lot because it brings awareness to degenerative visual disorders,” she said.

Along with awareness, Creviston has raised more than $200,000 for the Foundation Fighting Blindness with the help of supporters who have joined her team for the Chicago Vision Walk the past six years, said Michele DiVincenzo, associate director of events for the foundation’s Midwest region.

“The support of individuals like Joan and the fact that she has her walk team and she’s been involved so long is really, really crucial to our mission,” DiVincenzo said. “Just because you have low vision, it doesn’t have to slow you down.”

Building her business

Creviston said her dual objectives of helping people change their views on fitness and raising money to cure retinitis pigmentosa are keeping her motivated and far from slowing down.

Her philosophy of short burst workouts — exercising for five- or 10-minute periods a few times a day — allows busy people to work out without spending an hour at the gym. She says it also increases metabolism and breaks up the monotony of treadmills and stationary bikes.

“It is much easier than you think to fit fitness into your life,” Creviston said. “Through the use of short burst workouts, you can get your fitness in and still have your lifestyle.”

Her website features five- or 10-minute videos to work arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and other muscles. The moves can be adjusted for different levels of intensity.

“It’s a little bit different approach to exercise,” Creviston said. “It’s a little bit more fun, it’s a little bit more integrated. It’s not as long and grueling, so it holds your interest.”

The workouts — and the flexibility of being able to do them at home, while traveling, or anywhere there’s a computer or TV — have done the trick for Scarlett Current of Aurora, a client of Creviston’s who’s serving as a consultant for the web-based business.

Current said she now sees exercise as a give-and-take instead of an obligation she has to fulfill for her health without any real benefits.

“The goal is to change the way you see fitness, the way that you look at working out,” Current said. “(Creviston) really has been responsible for me having a totally new relationship with fitness.”

Inspiring videos

The spunk and enthusiasm that make Creviston an effective trainer in person translate well into the high-energy workout videos on her site, Current said.

“I think her professionalism and personality shows through the videos,” Current said. “You can see her personality in five minutes.”

Creviston also makes a quick impression on about 1,000 people each summer while leading warm-up exercises for the Vision Walk. People would never know her sight is extremely limited, DiVincenzo said.

“She just has that enthusiasm and has a go-getter attitude and she really inspires others who are affected and are also out there fighting for sight,” DiVincenzo said.

Creviston said she can’t imagine any lifestyle other than an active one — whether she can see or not. She hopes DVD sales through her online business can help increase her donations to the foundation and the research it supports.

As she heads into the first full year of running Fitness Vision with Joan, Creviston has high hopes she’ll get the New Year’s Resolution crowd and other fitness-phobes hooked on short burst workouts and “seeing fitness differently.”

“Fitness shouldn’t take up your whole life,” she said. “But it should make your life whole.”

See the article as printed here.


F.I.T.T Principle – Type

January 15, 2012, Posted by Joan

The 4th letter in the F.I.T.T principle is type.  To review, the previous principles are: Frequency, Intensity and Time.

By altering one of these 4 elements in your workout, you can increase the training effect of your fitness workouts whether it is your cardio or your resistance workouts.

In talking about type of exercise, variety is the key.  Don’t do the same exercises the same way every time you train.  Variety will shock the body and won’t allow it to get used to the same exercises – gaining greater results!

Here are some suggestions:

If you have been doing the exercise modules just like I do them, how about you come up with a little modification of your own?  Exercising with me is a guideline; but if you wanted to try the arms workout using a band instead of Dumbbells, go for it!  Got a weighted bar? Yes please! If you have a bench and wanted to do incline abdominal exercises instead of flat, yes please! Or if you wanted to do a plyometric jumping jack instead of a regular one, I say Yeah baby!

There is a consistent theme to the F.I.T.T. principle; variety.  Yes, we are all creatures of habit and it is easy and comfortable to do the same thing each workout.  But, I promise I will always strive to create new ways for you to exercise- both to keep you motivated and to keep those results coming!


F.I.T.T. Principle – TIME!

December 21, 2011, Posted by Joan

The key in continuing a successful and results driven exercise program is variety.  As I mentioned in the 2 previous articles, after executing the same program for 6 to 8 weeks, you may find that you have reached a plateau.  In order to break through, try altering the 3rd principle in the F.I.T.T. principle, TIME.

Cardiovascular Exercise:

For general health:  30 minutes a day 5 to 7 days a week

For improved cardiovascular health and weight loss: 30 to 60 minutes a day

Yeah, blah blah, blah.  You’ve heard it all before, but we are busy people with limited time to spend sweating, right?

I’ve got something else to throw at you – if your goal is to create a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day (a goal of a pound a week) and you are going to burn 250 calories doing exercise, and eat 250 calories less each day.  Good plan.

Remember, a calorie is a calorie; just like a putt in golf scores the same as a 250 yard drive, got it?  So, if during a moderate intensity cardio workout, it takes you 35 minutes to burn that 250 calories.  OK, that’s fine.  But what if I told you that if you burned the same 250 calories in 20 minutes?  That’s a time savings of 15 minutes each day you cardio.  Yep, burn the same amount of calories in less time by shaking it a little harder and faster.

Increased intensity = 250 calories in less time + greater calorie afterburn

What’s afterburn?  The amount of calories your body continues to use AFTER your workout to recover…..because you did such an awesome job kickin’ your butt!  Nice benefit, eh?  This is just an example using approximate calorie numbers.  Your results could vary greatly.

As for your resistance exercise program, taking 10 minutes out of your routine time by decreasing the amount of rest time between sets will have a similar effect!

Don’t let anybody tell you that an hour a day is a prerequisite to improved fitness.  It’s not what you got, but what you do with what you got……much like the premise of Fitness Vision!  Don’t worry; I’ve got your back!

Hold onto your compression exercise capris; next time I will be discussing the 4th principle, Type.


F.I.T.T. Principle – Intensity!

November 10, 2011, Posted by Joan

This series of articles is answering the most frequently asked question from my clients, “I am no longer seeing results from my exercise program what am I doing wrong?”

After executing the same program for 6 to 8 weeks, although you may net be bored with your routine, your body is.  That’s where the F.I.T.T. principle comes in:  That is an acronym for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. Basically, in order to continue to see results from your fitness regime, one or more of the elements in the F.I.T.T. principle need to be changed.  Article 1 dealt with the principle of Frequency.  Now let’s look at my favorite principle, Intensity.

Merriam Webster defines intensity as:

1: the quality or state of being intense; especially: extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling
2 : the magnitude of a quantity (as force or energy) per unit (as of area, charge, mass, or time)

 So, how intense is your program?  Do you honestly feel like you have made the most of your time in the gym?  Are you FOCUSED on your workout? If your workouts lack intensity, here are a few suggestions.  They are broken into resistance programs and cardio programs.

Change up your resistance program by:  using heavier weights, focus on the muscle movement more (you know I talk about that all the time.) you could also do the exercise module more than once.  And of course….. SSSSQQQEEEEEEZE your buns!!

Change up your cardio program by making your moves bigger; give the booty an extra shake.  The more you move it, the more you lose it.  And of course you could do the cardio modules again…..after all, there’s no additional charge for that!  See, owning the workouts does have so many privileges!

But stay tuned, next we will be reviewing the third in the F.I.T.T. principle, Time.  You may think it’s an easy concept, but I’ve got something you may not have considered.



F.I.T.T. Principle – Frequency

September 27, 2011, Posted by Joan

I recently received an email from a client that I think will benefit us all!  My client wrote:

“I have been faithful doing my exercise routine 3 to 4 times a week for the past (6, 8, 10) months and I am not seeing any more results.  What is wrong?”

The answer is:  after executing the same program for 6 to 8 weeks, although you may not be bored with your routine, your body is. Let’s shake it up….and here’s how!

You need to become familiar with the F.I.T.T. principle.  This is an acronym for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.  In order to break out of your stalemate, at least one of the 4 principles needs to be modified. Note:  this pertains to your resistance program as well as your cardio program, both of which you should be doing as part of a fitness lifestyle.

So, let’s address the first principle, Frequency.  How often do you execute your resistance and cardio routines?  You must “trick” your body by giving it something more to do.  I know it sounds basic, but if you have plateaued in your workouts, this is one solution you might want to try.

An extra 30 minute moderately high intensity cardio workout can burn approximately 200 to 300 calories, depending on your intensity level.  An extra 30 minutes of resistance training will yield you almost as much!  (stay tuned for part 2, Intensity)



GOAL                          Cardio Program                         Resistance Program                  Rest
Increase fat loss 2 to 3 times per week Maintain 1 day per week
Increase muscle definition Decrease frequency to 1-2 times per week Add 2 more resistance workouts per week 1 to 2 days per week let muscles recover
Feel more energized, set the world on fire,   kick butt and the heck with the names Go for every day, short burst Go for 5-6 days a week, 2 a day NEVER!!!


Trust me when I tell you that your VFT exercise program has you covered……especially in the “kick butt goal.”  Each of the 4 principles is all ready “built in;” you will continue seeing results!  I do, however, want you to be well aware and educated on all fitness principles.  Being fit is one thing, knowing how and why are just as important.  Now grasshopper, go exercise!


H2-OH!!!!! It does everybody’s body good!

June 28, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

H2-OH! It does everybody’s body good!

What if I told you that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? And what
if I added that most people that lead active/athletic lifestyles can be even more
susceptible to being chronically dehydrated? OK, so how much water DO you
need to drink per day?

Of course 8 glasses is the standard for a sedentary person. But you are
different; so your body needs an additional 8 ounces of water (1 glass) per 250
calories expended.

Let’s assume that at a moderately-high intensity level the average person burns
about 500 calories per hour working at about a level 6 on the elliptical trainer at
a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) level of 7 (out of a possible 10.) This person
requires an additional 16 ounces of water! That takes the total daily water
requirement to 10 glasses.

Let’s take a look at a few more hydration statistics:

In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is mistaken for

Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%.

One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the
dieters studied in a University of Washington study.

Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue

One of the first places your body draws water from is your skin. Drinking
enough water can even make you look younger! Initiate your own attack on
wrinkles……at a very reasonable price.

Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly
ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.

A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with
basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.

Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%,
plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%., and one is 50% less likely to
develop bladder cancer.

Are you drinking the amount of water you should drink every day? It does
everybody’s body good!!


Short Burst Workouts can work for you!

May 24, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

Wondering how VFT works?  Check out our promo video for more information here!


Team Creviston VisionQuest Team to Benefit the Foundation Fighting Blindness

May 19, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

Check out Joan’s introduction to the Foundation Fighting Blindness VisionWalk and Team Creviston’s contribution!

To get involved, please go to:



VFT, Inc. Launches Online Fitness Program and DVD!

May 12, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger



May  12,  2011- NAPERVILLE, IL   Visual Fitness Training, Inc. (VFT) of Naperville, IL  announced today the launch of its online personal training programs and new DVD of  Short Burst Workouts videos. VFT, Inc., is designed to help people “See Fitness Differently” by changing the way people view fitness in their life.  Visual Fitness Training’s adaptable intensity workouts help you develop a lifelong relationship with fitness in easy to “fit in” five and ten minute workouts. The Short Burst Workouts, Series One DVD and the .mp4 digital video downloads of the workouts are now available from the VFT Online store.

VFT is ideal for busy people of all fitness levels, helping them maximize their workout results and minimize workout time through short burst express exercise videos done twice per day. Similar to metabolic training, shorter higher intensity workouts, along with proper nutrition, can create greater results.  Leading health organizations have confirmed the benefit of breaking your daily workout into shorter, more effective ‘bursts’. Using this innovative “short burst exercise” approach to fitness, VFT’s five and ten minute video workouts are easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

President and Founder of VFT, Master Certified Personal Trainer Joan Creviston explains, “It is not necessary to be in the gym for an hour a day to stay fit.  All it takes is two 15 minute sessions per day to maintain your current weight.  Once you start working out in the time you have, when you have it, you’ll be surprised how quickly those results really start to pay off and how easy it is to have a new relationship with fitness.”

Perfect for busy people on the go, there is a workout plan for every fitness level. The three 6-week programs allow people greater flexibility to fit these workouts in whenever it’s convenient, whether at home, while traveling or in the office.    Please visit www.VisualFitnessTraining.com for more information.

DVD Cover


MEDIA CONTACT:  info@visualfitnesstraining.com

About VFT:   VisualFitnessTraining.com is an online personal fitness training program designed for busy people of all fitness levels.  We help clients maximize their workout results and minimize their workout time with adaptable intensity video workouts that can fit in anytime, anywhere.  www.VisualFitnessTraining.com



The Secret of Joan’s Success

April 11, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

Through empowerment and encouragement, Joan has been very successful assisting her clients in reaching their fitness and wellness goals. “It’s not just about the physical aspect of exercise but achieving mind and spirit fitness as well. A good personal trainer must tap into the spark that creates the interest, nurtures the motivation that leads to embracing a healthy relationship with fitness and wellness . You just need to find the “spark”, the connection that changes your perspective of how fitness works in your life.  Once the light goes on, integrating fitness into everyday activities becomes a more rewarding relationship.”

As your relationship with FITNESS improves, you’ll have a better overall view of total WELLNESS. Exercise is your key to changing that balance.Through Joan’s video modules, she hopes to reach your mind through “can do” verbal cuing; your spirit by bringing a more personalized attitude to your workout through sharing personal experiences mixed in with a bit of humor; and your body by creating challenging and effective exercise combinations.

Joan believes one of the most powerful keys to realizing fitness results is change, “We all resist change on some level, but if you can change the relationship fitness has in your life, you have opened your world to accomplish any goal.” That is one of the cornerstones of Visual Fitness Training. If you can see your relationship with fitness differently, you WILL achieve fitness success. It’s not about the “No Pain, No Gain” mentality. You DO NOT have to spend hours a day at the gym to have “fitness” in your life, you only have to be open to finding way so integrate fitness into your everyday lifestyle.

We all have challenges in meeting our goals. Despite Joan’s visual limitations, she continually strives to find new ways to keep her passion and gift alive. She believes that if she can do it, then you can too….and she is willing to prove it. Joan has brought fitness successes to many clients in her almost 30 years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. “My greatest accomplishment was working with a severely overweight 29 year old woman. Together we rebuilt her body and her self esteem. Today she is a marathon runner, a personal trainer and a marathon coach! “Being able to see her embrace her new relationship with fitness and the importance of health is the greatest reward as a trainer. I could not have asked for any greater gift.”

VFT Client Testimonials – Tara C.

April 1, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

Tara Before VFT

“Joan helps me see results and gives me an understanding of why and how the exercises will improve my strength and endurance. One of the things I like most is that she always mixes up her workouts. She is a trainer that comes with a huge bag of tricks and she uses ALL of them. You will never be bored! She makes working out fun while you work up a sweat! Since working with Joan I’ve continued to push my  fitness goals and I have run 9 marathons and just completed my first 50 mile ultra!” – Tara C., VFT Client             

VFT Client Testimonials – Erin D.!

March 15, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

“I worked with Joan after watching a special on TV about celebrity beach bodies and realizing the one thing they had in common – a personal trainer!  I went from a size 12 to a size 6-8 (smaller than I ever thought I would be!).   I did not like to workout and I did not like cardio!  I only dabbled with exercise over the years.

Joan was able to motivate me to workout.  She designed workouts that were easy and fun to follow and she even snuck some cardio in there so I would get that in too!  I appreciated her honesty in helping me set realistic goals for myself.  While working with Joan I decided to train for a marathon with Team in Training.  Joan helped me realize I could do anything if I worked hard enough for it. I am now an avid runner and coach people of all shapes and sizes to complete marathons and half marathons.  From coaching I realized I wanted to take it one step further – the woman who hated working out is now a NASM certified personal trainer.  It was because of Joan’s shining example that I am able to pay it forward and help others reach their fitness goals. “  – Erin D, VFT Client

VFT Social Media!

February 25, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

Come by and add our Facebook page to join in the discussion with VFT fans!  See you there!


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Attitude is Everything!

January 11, 2011, Posted by VFT Blogger

A  big thank you to our friends at the Foundation Fighting Blindness for their article about Team Creviston’s Vision Walk contributions!  You can find the full story here:


Welcome to the Fitness Vision with Joan Training Blog!

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Thanks for stopping by, we are knee deep in the site launch and putting together the final touches on the Short Burst Workouts, Series One DVD! We will be launching in early May with our online store, enabling you to get flexible workout plans, the DVD as well as the digital video downloads! Stay tuned as we get ready to launch.  See you soon!