Joan’s Video Training Tips

JOAN’S FITNESS APPROACH As our lives evolve, our fitness needs have to evolve with us. Fitness Vision with will show you how you can easily make fitness part of your busy lifestyle. Spend less time working out while seeing the results you want using short burst workouts.

CORE-TASTIC! Fitness Vision with Joan’s 5 minute Core-tastic short burst video workout, one of the 12 video workouts featured in the ‘Short Burst Workout” series DVD and digital downloads. Core crazy fanatics are gonna love this innovative crunch-less ab stabilizing and six pack building workout.

WHAT IS MY CORE Increase your core knowledge and get your best core workout ever with this supplemental tutorial to the Short Burst Workouts at

WHY SHORT BURST WORKOUTS Find out how to finally make your workout work for YOU and your busy life in this supplemental tutorial at – Short Burst workouts.

SHORT BURST MODIFICATIONS How can I make my workout work even better for me? What kind of equipment should I buy? Find out in this supplemental tutorial at – Short Burst Workouts.