Short Burst Workouts DVD

Why Short Burst Workouts?

Getting in your workout doesn’t mean you need to spend an hour every day in the Studio. Your body likes change. In fact it has been documented that doing the same workout schedule for too long can hinder your results. Variety is the spice of life, and in your workouts too.

Leading health organizations have confirmed the benefit of breaking your daily workout into shorter, more effective ‘bursts’. Using this innovative “short burst exercise” approach to fitness, Fitness Vision with Joan’s 5 and 10 minute video workouts are easy to fit into your busy lifestyle and show maximum results.

Here’s how it works.

By offering a variety of adaptable-intensity videos to pump you up, stretch you out and get you jumping, you will burn more fat and calories in two 15 minute sessions than cardio workouts alone. For a lower intensity workout, complete your workout without the featured equipment. Still want the same intensity but don’t have equipment? No problem! You can easily substitute things like water bottles for dumbbells, chairs for stability balls and even a child’s ball for a medicine ball!

See your body change faster, your metabolism work more efficiently, your energy level increase, and your stress reduce. All you need to do is make the effort, even if it starts with 15 minutes per day. Whether you are just discovering fitness or the most experienced exerciser, Fitness Vision with Joan’s adaptable intensity workouts can help you develop a lifelong relationship with fitness in easy to “fit in” workouts.
As your worthwhile journey with fitness develops, Fitness Vision with Joan will show you how to See Fitness Differently, as a tool towards overall Wellness and a better quality of life!

Want to take it to the next level?

Your Short Burst Workouts are designed to work with you wherever and whenever you can fit them in – whether as a kickstarter to develop new habits, or as a supplement for your existing fitness routine.

When you’re ready to step it up a notch, Joan and her team at Fitness Vision Studio will work one-on-one with you to improve the effectiveness of your workouts with our “Power Combo.”

Based on your goals we will tailor the custom program to meet your special needs, get instant feedback, and learn tried and true ways to make your workouts work even harder for you!

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