“I have always been a fan of exercise and keeping active, but when my daughter’s wedding was fast approaching, I knew I needed to do more than the basic things that I normally participate in including tennis and yoga. I decided to hire Joan, who I came to know from her core class from the Eola Community Center.

“Joan structured a specific program just for me to get me ready for that special day in September. She concentrated on building muscle in my arms, strength in my core, and muscle tone everywhere else. I could not have been more pleased with her attentiveness to my needs and willingness to prepare me for that special day. I felt great in my sleeveless dress and enjoyed all aspects of the day.

“Thanks Joan!!”

Suzy Cheney

“Joan knows what she’s doing – it’s evidenced in her passion for fitness and sharing what she knows and believes with others. A true professional and a caring human being.”

Dr. Sandy Goldberg

“I have been working out with Joan for 6 years. For me, the best insurance policy is staying fit and healthy. Joan has done that for me and more! At 53, I feel 10 years younger and can still slide into my size 6 jeans!”

Susan, Naperville, IL

“I have had the amazing privilege of training with Joan for the past 3 years and have to say that coming to Joan was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is incredibly intuitive and has the unique talent of being able to customize workout sessions that provide exactly what I need at the time I need it. I find myself telling Joan after almost every session that it was just perfect and that we need to repeat the exact session again….. I absolutely love our workouts!! Joan creates the perfect combination of weights and cardio for toning and strengthening muscles, losing weight and inches, and truly cares about and gets to know every one of her clients. She is absolutely amazing!”

Lynn Z

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